What makes separate Santorini famous worldwide is definitely the volcano. You can visit this natural phenomenon by boat departing from Yialos, Athinio, Oia and Amoudi.

The eruption of Santorini’s volcano, about 1650 BC, led to the elimination of an earthly paradise, a magnificent nation, a great culture, as evidenced by the findings that have been discovered in modern Santorini.

Are these findings in conjunction with geological and mythological references traces that lead us to the famous Atlantis? Maybe Plato’s references are only a myth that has led many researchers and scientists to seek an island with circular shape and fertile land and sea. You, however, have found your own paradise. It’s name: Santorini. One name that came from the words: Santa Irene.

First stop at Nea Kameni. There you can walk to the crater of the volcano. But you must know that this hike requires good physical condition, because in some places are especially uphill. But the final destination is certainly impressive.

2nd stop Old Burned with Hot Springs. You can swim in these yellowish colored water, with temperature 5 degrees higher than the rest of the sea and a strong odour of sulfur.

Next stop is Thirasia. The small island with natural beauties that has retained its picturesque beauty and is just one mile from Oia. There will be the next destination of the tour, and lastly, we reserve a striking passage from Caldera.


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