The history of the island stretches over the years. From mythology and ancient times to the Byzantine period and subsequent periods. Legend states that Santorini emerged from the sea and is called Strogili, a name derived from its shape (means round).

Archaeological findings indicate the Early Bronze Age, ie in the middle of the third millennium BC.

Abundance of monuments indicate the long history of the island. Examples include Ancient Thira which is located in Mesa Mountain. The Hellenistic and Roman phase of the city has revealed.

The Artemidoros mosque, the Agora, the Royal Gallery and many other monuments await you turn you back in time. Acroterra Rosa luxury suites is located in the area of the impressive archaeological site of Akrotiri. A prehistoric settlement, very well preserved, awe-inspiring. When you walk here you feel that you are walking to the 17th century BC.

The great eruption of the Late Bronze Age buried the village under 30 meters of ash. Regarded as one of the most important archaeological sites in the Aegean.

The hours of visits to the site is from 10:00 to 17:00.

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